I would love to get to know you and your family a better! Please tell me a little bit about yourselves!
How many people are going to be photographyed during your sesion?
Do you have any young children involved in the session? If so, please tell me about them! What books, movies, songs, cartoon characters or toys do you they like? Is there any special needs or personality characteristics I should know about?
Please list the names, age ranges and relationships to you of everyone involved in the session
Do you tend to favour more traditional shots with everyone posed and looking at the camera, or more interactive images? (You will get a combination of both).
If there is any special look you would like to create for your session, please let me know here. If you have some sample photos, please email me.
What is your Instagram name? So I can tag you in a sneak peek before your photos are fully ready, if the permission is given.
Do you have any idea about how you would like to display/present your photos from the session? i.e. photo wall, photo album etc.
Is there anything else you would like to share, or you think would be helpful for me to know before your session?



Full Name*
IMAGES and COPYRIGHTS: The photographs produced by Aido Photography are protected by Copyright Law and may not be reproduced in any manner. It is illegal to screenshot or download any image that you have not paid for (from your gallery, from Facebook, from my blog, etc). Upon final selection and payment by the client, purchased images may be used only for personal use and may not be edited, altered, or sold. This means you may not edit any of my images, apply filters on Instagram, etc. Raw, unedited files are not available at any time.
COOPERATION: The parties agree to cheerful cooperation and communication. Aido Photography is not responsible for a poor outcome if individuals fail to cooperate during photography sessions or disregard advice on clothing and/or location choice.  There will be no re- shoots or refunds if children don't smile or cooperate.  Sessions will start on time, so it is encouraged that you arrive early enough to be dressed and ready to start. I completely understand that kiddos need breaks, so please make sure to bring a drink and snack.
MODEL RELEASE: The client(s) hereby grant to Aido Photography unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of the client. This includes (but not limited to) a sneak peek on Facebook, a featured post on the website, Instagram posts, etc.  Sneak peeks are posted publicly, on social media, 2-5 days after your session.  If you choose to remain private/unpublished, you will not receive a sneak peek.  If a company inquires with me about using/purchasing an image with you in it, I will always ask your permission.  If you agree to an online sneak peek, blog post, etc then click Agree OR If you want to remain private (no sneak peek, not blog post, no online presence), or have more questions about this, then click Disagree
LIMIT OF LIABILITY: Aido Photography takes the utmost care with respect to exposure, transportation, and processing the photographs. However, in the unlikely event that photographs have been lost, stolen, or destroyed for reasons within or beyond Aido Photography 's control, Aido Photography 's liability is limited a repeat photography session, with compensation for hair and makeup, if originally scheduled/paid for with the first session. Aido Photography is not liable for injury or damage to Clients before, during, or after the photo shoot. Therefore, the client(s) releases Aido Photography from being held responsible or liable for any injury or damage to any Client(s) involved in said photo shoot, as well as their property. No compensation in any form will be given, and it is ultimately the responsibility of the Client(s) to always ensure their safety.
PAYMENT SCHEDULE: The total session fee(s) or membership fee is due at time of signing this agreement.  Single sessions must be scheduled and used within one year from invoice date.  Memberships must be scheduled and used within 15 months of the first session date.  This is a NON-REFUNDABLE PAYMENT that secures your session date with Aido Photography. At the time the contract takes effect, Aido Photography shall reserve the date and time agreed upon, and not make any other reservations or accept any other clients for said date and time. The session fee will not be refunded if the client does not show up on the agreed session date without giving any prior notice at least 2 days in advance. After your session(s), a date will be booked for you to return to the studio for your ordering appointment(s), where you will see your images as printed proofs and choose products. Fail to show up for your ordering appointment may result photos from your session being removed from our system if a notice is not given at least 2 days before the appointment. If purchasing a membership, an ordering appointment and purchase requirement applies to each session.  Payment for your products is due in FULL, prior to prints being ordered. Due to the nature, prints and products are non-refundable. Please make sure that you proof and finalize all images and products before placing your order. Aido Photography is not responsible for printing errors or for quality/print of products not printed through our professional printer.
DETAILS:  If you have agreed to your images being online, a sneak peek is put up within 2-5 days of your session and your full gallery is ready in 2-3 weeks.  At that time, we will schedule an ordering appointment where you will select the products of your choice.  All products will arrive six weeks from when they are finalized/ordered, with the exception of digital files, which may be taken home the same day.
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