Aido Photography Client Questionnaire

I would love to get to know you and your family a better! Please tell me a little bit about yourselves!
How many people are going to be photographyed during your sesion?
Do you have any young children involved in the session? If so, please tell me about them! What books, movies, songs, cartoon characters or toys do you they like? Is there any special needs or personality characteristics I should know about?
Please list the names, age ranges and relationships to you of everyone involved in the session
Do you tend to favour more traditional shots with everyone posed and looking at the camera, or more interactive images? (You will get a combination of both).
If there is any special look you would like to create for your session, please let me know here. If you have some sample photos, please email me.
What is your Instagram name? So I can tag you in a sneak peek before your photos are fully ready, if the permission is given.
Do you have any idea about how you would like to display/present your photos from the session? i.e. photo wall, photo album etc.
Is there anything else you would like to share, or you think would be helpful for me to know before your session?